Monday, February 22, 2010

They say we are going to have more snow tomorrow. Hope they are wrong. The last snow we had on Feb 11 we had three dogs staying with us for a few days. Sue and Abby, Cathy and Prince, and of course our Mazie. Every time someone came to the door or just walked by our house all three dogs went rushing to the door and barked. Hear how it sounded.
I hope this works this time. Some thing keeps happening to the first video I posted. I am too new at this to figure out why.
More later

Friday, February 19, 2010

I am back!!! Long time no see me............ First I will be trying to post a video from our recent snow storm. It snowed on Feb. 1o-11. 24 hours and had snow totaling up to 12" it was beautiful. I will post more pictures if I can figure out how to send pictures and videos.
Cathy's dog is Prince and Abby belongs to Sue Ellen. The video starts with Prince in the back of the yard and then shows Abby trying to get through the snow. Let me know if you can see the video please.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

We had a very quite holiday. Watched the parade on TV, cooked steaks on the grill, stayed in the air conditioned house. I guess at my age the most I do on most holidays now is think about that day in history, my history that is. I can remember going to neighborhood celebrations when I was around 10 and eating hotdogs and ice cream in little cups that had movie stars pictures inside the lid. Most of what I thought about this year was the fun times we had with getting the Contact Float ready for the parade and then being in the parade. When Toby & I were first married we use to have a picnic here at the house and we would all come here after the parade and wait to hear if we had won anything in the parade. Seems like we were often beat out by "Mothers of Twin". I spent sometime looking at old pictures. I use to be thinner in body and thicker in hair, now I am just the opposite. I noticed a lot of changes in all of us, but that is how it is suppose to be. Isn't it?

I hope I am attaching some pictures with this post (I'm still learning). My neighbor showed me somethings to do this afternoon, now if I can just remember them.

If the pictures are here you know the dog is our spoiled Mazie, and the other is our great-granddaughter Alyssa.

More later

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Another exciting day here at our house. This morning Mazie spotted "THE FLY". Did I tell you she is scared of flies.

She ran into the guest bedroom and tried to get under the bed.

Ahe has put on weight lately so has a hard time.

Toby tried to kill the fly....... And I tried to kill the fly

Friday, June 26, 2009

Trying to Keep Up

Here it is Friday again, so soon...... Not much happening around here, especially anything interesting. This morning I volunteered at Nu2U and bought a few things. Toby always has something to say about that. Jokingly, I hope. I told him if he complains I will start buying my clothes at Macy's. Last Sat. David and Alyssa came to celebrate Toby's birthday (a little late) and of course I took lots of pictures. At one time Alyssa said "Daddy why is she doing that?" Out of the mouths of babes. Yesterday I went over to the Smith's and held little Carter while Courtney mowed the grass out front. He is so cute and getting so big. He is 8 weeks old now.
I have been reading a lot lately and of course listening to a story on my Mp3 player while I exercise at the Y and walk Mazie. I am reading Naked in Baghdad, The Iraq War As Seen by National Public Radio's correspondent Anne Garrels. She was in Badhdad before and when the Iraq war started. She stayed in Iraq longer then any major network reporter. It is very interesting to read about how the people in Iraq think and talk about their lives. I can not even imagine what makes a person, especially a women, want to be in such a dangerous place. I guess news people are born that way or something. I can think of a lot of things that I am glad I wasn't born to be.
On the Mp3 I am listening to "The Poisonwood Bible" . I started reading this book twice before, it has been out for quite a long time, but never could keep up with it. It is much easier to listen to it being read to me. It is about a family of Baptist Missionaries with 4 daughters who go to the Congo in 1959 for one year and stay a lot longer. Real interesting.
Well guess I better stop rambling on and get to doing something around here.
Until next time...............

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

An exciting day!

I spent the whole day at 6 Flags over Texas............... rode lots of rides and saw all the shows. The lines weren't too long. It was just great.

How many of you believe that????????????? You all know me better.

I did have a good day thought. David and Alyssa came for a visit. She is getting so big and talks real good. Sue Ellen came over and brought a cake so we had another birthday celebration for Toby. I will post some pictures later. Jason came over and we went to Kinkades at the Highlands for some hamburgers. They were real good but certainly not Weight Watchers Menu.
More later.